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Born and raised in Sonoma County, California, 30-year-old Aubree Topai became a multitasker at an early age. Team sports, stints in the arts and her first taste of leadership as junior class vice president shaped her interests and values as a high school teen. In fact, the first large-scale event Topai ever planned was her high school prom, where she helped facilitate the build of a 15-foot, Moulin Rouge-themed entry windmill in celebration of Parisian love.  

Although she always told her father she was going to be in marketing or advertising (he was a marketing director for a family-owned consulting group), Topai first went on to study anthropology in college, while attending Lawrence University in Appleton, Wisconsin. On her road to attaining her Bachelor of Arts in Anthropology, Topai held a role on her school’s social committee, and was elected chapter president of her sorority, Kappa Alpha Theta. However, it was her 2008 studies abroad in London that provided the most transformative experience of her young adulthood. Topai realized that life across the pond was not as different as she anticipated, and that humans everywhere were all searching for the same things: Community, acceptance, worthiness and love.

Topai’s discoveries of common human behavior lead her to present her senior thesis on anthropology and Facebook, a study of how the social media channel influenced human connection. Although following graduation, Topai did not launch into a career in anthropology, her education prepared her to enter the event space, where both the unification of diverse groups and the impact of spatial surroundings in the event environment were crucial components that would aid in molding her success.

In June 2010, Topai relocated to Denver, Colorado, a new home where she found harmony among the city’s warmth, abundant sunflowers and blue skies, laid-back city vibe, outdoorsy culture, distinct neighborhoods and booming architecture. Topai accepted her first post-college job as an office manager at Ubisense Inc., a tech company immersed in industrial processes. It was then she explored her interest in marketing, under the wing of Adrian Jennings, the vice president of technology. Topai was assigned tasks related to planning and executing tradeshows, where she began to hone her strengths in organization and creativity. Following 10 successful tradeshows and a 250-person user conference, Topai graduated to multiday user conferences with presentation, training and networking components.

As her third year at Ubisense Inc. unfolded, Topai fell under the mentorship of Kristel Faris, director of marketing communications, who helped perfect her marketing skills, as well as nurture her graphic design talent, via Adobe InDesign, Photoshop and Illustrator tutorials. The duo went on to manage the Ubisense Inc. entire North American marketing program.

Four years of growth and development at Ubisense Inc. groomed Topai, and gave her the confidence to seek out a new career opportunity. In 2015, she was named the events marketing manager at renowned ticket sales and distribution company, Ticketmaster, where she was able to blend marketing strategies with event management. She began to produce on a larger scale, where she oversaw graphics and signage, along with wayfinding and branding, for elite sports and arts conferences with up to 1,000 attendees from the NBA, NFL, NHL, USTA and Broadway Across America. Ticketmaster provided Topai with the ultimate smorgasbord of opportunities, where she assisted with photography, media management, web development, email campaigns, conference app design and more.

In 2017, her varying skills led Topai to her current outpost at SketchUp, a 3D design software company, where she is acting events manager. As a master of software with a natural flair for design, SketchUp was a fitting next step for Topai, where she project manages a special events team of 25. Her greatest career milestone took place at 3D Basecamp 2018 in Palm Springs, where she was able to tap into her multifaceted skillset to lead a well-oiled machine in the curation of an innovative conference space and networking event, which bridged the gap between learning and fun, for 1,335 attendees. As a result of her work at 3D Basecamp 2018, the event was nominated for four Eventex awards. On the heels of her triumph, Topai has already begun planning for 3D Basecamp 2020, which is set to take place in Vancouver.

Although she has come a long way from crafting oversized windmills at Parisian proms, Topai maintains a strong sense of who she is, and what has cultured her along the way. Outside of work, she adores being a pet mom, attends 50-plus concerts a year, dabbles in event photography and poses as an amateur model, under the moniker “Lady Prism.” A self-proclaimed nerd at heart, Topai holds a lifelong love of video arcades, Marvel, Sci-Fi, animation and Harry Potter.  


Event Management
Project Management, Event Logistics, Vision Boards, Meeting Room Management, Hotel Rooms, Budget Management, Travel Logistics, Staffing, On-Site Event Execution, Vendor Coordination

Event Production
A/V Coordination, Production Scheduling, Stage Design, Environmental Design, Wayfinding

Event Branding
Logo Design, Event Collateral, Event Theme Graphics, Signage Design & Installation

Email Marketing
Marketing Automation, Segmentation List Management, Scoring/Grading, Messaging, Call-to-Actions, Landing Page & Email Design

Graphic Design
Design Management, Print Design/Layout, Infographics, Social Media Banners, Brochure/Collateral Design, Photography Editing, Flyers, Postcards, Pull-up Banners, Gobos, Floor/Wall Clings


Website Creation/Design
Domain Hosting, Navigation/Flow, Design, SEO Optimization

Search Optimization
Google Adwords, SEO, PPC Advertising, Keyword Development

Video Production
Storyboarding, Editing, Production Management

Webinar Production
Storyboarding, Presentation Design, Production, Hosting

Social Media Marketing
Social Network Management, Sponsored Ad Management, Social Networks Analytics

Lead Management/Nurturing
MQL/SQL Strategy, Demand Gen Reporting/Analysis, Salesforce Campaigns, Pardot Reporting, Sales Scripts, Qualification





Adobe Creative Suite (Photoshop, Illustrator, InDesign, Acrobat)

Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, Forms, Analytics   

Microsoft Office
Word, PowerPoint, Excel, Publisher, Outlook





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